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  • Event Date: May 2022
  • Event Location: Online Store
  • Amount Raised: $540

How you can help? Support LymeLight Foundation and buy a hat!

Gratitude Hats Very Happy Stories
Gratitude Hats Very Happy Stories

In May, ALL proceeds for the Very Happy Stories store are donated to LymeLight Foundation. 

Liza Blas, the host of the Very Happy Stories podcast, is an Empowerment Coach serving parents who are raising children with complex needs and a Digital Course Creator. She is raising two unique kids of her own and both have experienced challenges including depression, anxiety, neurodiversity, ADHD, and OCD. Just when she thought life couldn’t get any harder, the universe dropped a big ole’ lemon on her when both of her kids were diagnosed with Lyme disease. 

To survive her darkest days, she wrote it all down…and was amazed to discover that her stories are more about gratitude than grievance. She launched Very Happy Stories to help others feel empowered, motivated, and inspired and to let you know that you’re not alone!

Liza, “Having two kids go through Lyme treatment has been taxing. It is demanding physically, emotionally, and financially. I am so grateful that my family could afford the treatment, supplements, and medications necessary to help my children heal. I am grateful every day to be able to support their health and ongoing treatment. There are so many things to worry about when your child has Lyme disease and tick-borne infections. The financial costs of treatment should not be one of them. Children are our future. It is vital that we protect them, heal them and support the countless families who are feeling the financial burden of treatment. I hope, pray and believe that all of our children will heal. I am so grateful for the LymeLight Foundation for helping families who need it the most.”

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