Event Details

  • Event Date: May 4th, 2019, 8am – 8 pm ET
  • Event Location: The Brooklyn Coffee, Tea, and Guest House in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Amount Raised: $925

The Run! Improv Marathon uses comedy and laughter to help heal and connect. They believe that improv is a collaborative process that can bring out the best in us. In their first year, they decided to work with the LymeLight Foundation to give kids, families, and young people a chance to be free of Lyme and the costly bills that come as a result of treatment.

The marathon is divided into two parts; a short-form marathon and group performances. The short-form marathon will showcase the bravest individual performers working together to last as long as possible, a la “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style. Group performances will star amazing groups that deliver chuckles in their own unique ways.

If you cannot make it to Rhode Island, please consider watching and sharing through their livestreaming event. Consider hosting a livestreaming party because laughter is so much more powerful when it is shared! Their goal is creating laughter, hope and healing.

Tim and Shanel, creators of the Run! Improv Marathon, have personal experience with Lyme Disease, including having friends who have suffered from it and the co-infections that make Lyme even harder to fight. Since Lyme is still a relatively unknown disease, and does not receive a lot of support, they wanted to work with LymeLight Foundation to give kids and families a chance to fight Lyme Disease and get their lives back.

More event details:  www.runimprovmarathon.com


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