Event Details

  • Event Date: August 6, 2021
  • Event Location: Oneida, NY
  • Amount Raised: $3,500

How you can help? Support LymeLight Foundation and the Kick the Tick Event.

Mother-Daughter row team, Marilyn and Sarah Bratt, are rowing Oneida Lake — 22 miles! — in two single-person rowing shells to raise money to benefit LymeLight Foundation. Marilyn has rowed the lake before (TWICE!) but this is Sarah’s first time!!! Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us, and those impacted by Lyme Disease.

The reason they choose LymeLight Foundation is they provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease, giving grant money to those who need it most!

22 miles for 22 reasons:!!!!!

1) Luccia Riccadiello, a very strong woman affected by Lyme Disease
2) To Educate the public.
3) To Educate Medical professionals.
4) To diagnose Lyme Disease before it causes debilitating disease
5) Discovery of a vaccine
6) To have a local clinic with a specialized team of doctors to treat Lyme disease
7) To aid in the expense of medications not covered by insurance
8) To give hope to those already severely affected by the disease
9) To get politically involved to pass laws regarding insurance coverage and longterm treament medically, physically and emotionally
10) Nicole Legros, another strong woman and local news anchor (only with permission)
11) To quelch the multiple symptons one feels with lyme’s disease, pain, anxiety, incapacitating exhaustion, headaches, skin issues, neuropathy and on and on……..
12) Emily Sgouromitis, another strong woman affected by this disease.
13) For all caregivers and all their efforts to keep their loved ones comfortable
14) CDC estimates 500,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease each year yet it is poorly funded for research and early and accurate testing and treament
15) Often people with chronic Lyme disease are misdiagnosed with depression, fibromyaglia or chronic fatigue. This delays proper treatment
16) Many affected with Lyme diesease are thought to be faking their symptoms because on “the outside” they look fine.
17) Less than 50% of people who contract Lyme disease ever show a bulls-eys rash. The lack of this does not mean it is not Lyme disease
18) Chances of becoming infected are very high in CNY. CNY ticks were tested and it was found that 40% of ticks tested carry Lyme disease and other co-infections.
19) Other serious debilitating infections like Bartonella and Bebesia are transmitted along with Lyme at the time of the tick bite.
20) Lyme is found on every continent except for antartica.
21) Because we want to KICK THE TICK!!!!
22) Because we who are able can make a difference!!!!!

Let’s get rowing!!!

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